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Dear Patrons & Friends,

Durgotsav 2021 is just a few days away and this year’s celebration will be very different like last year. With Covid-19 and the New Normal setting in, this year Bangiya Parishad, Gurgaon will be celebrating Durga Puja on a smaller scale, with all the safety precautions in place. Our enthusiasm will never wane but, keeping in mind the present conditions, we urge our patrons & members to connect with us virtually and celebrate from the safety of their homes.

In our endeavor to keep things as normal as possible, BPG will publish its Souvenir for 2021 to commemorate the occasion and we solicit your creative contributions for the same. We, at BPG, would also like to use this platform to encourage our patrons across generations to put pen to paper and let the creative juices flow.

This year we have not decided on any theme for our Puja, so go ahead and choose any topic that is close to your heart.  Do keep in mind that the Souvenir will be read by people of every age group. The contribution should be in the form of write-ups/articles/travel diaries/short stories/poems, etc. We also look forward to paintings, sketches, drawings, etc. from our ‘valued members and the little ones’.

Broad guidelines to be followed:

  1. The word limit for the contributions are as follows:
  • Poems – 150 to 200 words
  • Short Stories – 450 to 500 words
  • Write-ups/Articles/Travel Diaries – 600 to 700 words
  1. The publication would be in Bangla & English only
  2. There is no specific topic outlined for paintings, drawings & sketches
  3. The paintings, sketches etc. should be sent as a scanned/photographed image and should have clarity. The accepted format is JPEG/PNG at a minimum resolution of 300 DPI, the maximum size being 12” x 10”.
  4. Please mention the full name and address of the contributor, along with the name of the primary BPG member from the family, in the body of the email. If the contributor is a child, please mention his/her age.
  5. Bangla write-ups shall be preferred in a digital format in MS Word, using Unicode, or with the associated Bangla TrueType fonts Hand-written manuscripts should be clear & legible. Please do not send Contributions on WhatsApp as they may easily get missed.
  6. Due to paucity of space, we will limit acceptance to ONE contribution per perso In case of multiple submissions, the editorial team will select one submission at their discretion.
  7. If plagiarism in any form is identified, the contribution will be rejected.

The last date for submission of your content is 10th Dec’21.

Please note: All submissions will be subject to acceptance based on quality, duplication, plagiarism, and non-controversial nature of the material. The editorial team may make minor and suitable language corrections in the content.

You can send your contributions directly to commuication@bangiyaparishad.org.

We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions within the stipulated time.

Stay Healthy, Stay Home.

Bangiya Parishad, Gurgaon