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Dear Members,

With barely a month to go for the most awaited event of BPG – the ‘DURGA PUJA 2022’, we would like to observe ‘KHUNTI PUJA’ a customary ritual before putting up pandals, to mark the countdown of the festival season. Khunti Puja or worship of First bamboo on which the foundation of the pandals will be based and the Goddess and her family will be kept and worshipped for five days.

Please note that, addressing the additional days of on-ground work that will be required to build our Pandal this year, the Khunti Puja is being brought forward by almost a fortnight – from 17th Sept, to 4th Sept, 2022 (Sunday). Please join us at Puja Grounds by 10-30AM and be part of the exciting start of the event.

Puja Subscription and Sponsorship

Even with our best intent, due to paucity of resources and volunteers, we have not been able to reach many of you in person for our door-to-door collection campaign. If you haven’t done so, we would humbly urge you to please reach out to our points persons so that they can either meet you personally to collect your contributions/donations or assist you with online transfers of the same at the earliest.

You can directly deposit your subscription into our bank account (mentioned below) and share the deposit details (screenshot/transaction number etc.) with Shimanti Banerjee @ 98999 30766. Also please find attached Personal Sponsorship List and Advertisement Collection Form for Souvenir-2022 to contribute in any form.

Warm regards,

Malay Nandy


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