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Participation request for In-house Cultural events during Durotsav 2022

Dear All,

Greetings from Bangiya Parishad , Gurgaon

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we were forced to organize Durga Puja, our biggest festival in a simple fashion for the past 2 years. With Maa Durga’s blessings, we will be celebrating this year’s Puja in a manner similar to pre-pandemic times and will be organizing cultural programs during the festive period. This year, we will be celebrating the 17th year of our Durga Puja, starting from 1st October and continuing until 5th October, 2022. The theme for our puja this year is celebrating 75 years of Independence.

We request all our members, their families /close relatives, including children to come forward and display their talents on stage. Given below are broad guidelines, which shall be followed while, sending your request for participation.

 Types of Program

  • Rabindra Sangeet / Nazrul Geeti / Rajanikanta / Atul Prasadi and contemporary songs
  • Adhunik / Puratani / Ragashrayi Bengali song
  • Shyama Sangeet / Bhajans (Bengali, Hindi)/ Bhakti Mulak Bengali song
  • Patriotic Song (Bengali/Hindi)
  • Karaoke (Bengali/Hindi)
  • Dance (Classical/Semi classical/creative dance/folk)
  • Short play or skit based on short stories
  • Dance Drama/ Group Dance (Patriotic theme will be preferential)
  • Instrumental (Solo/Group)
  • Any others program for which final decision will be taken by the cultural committee after screening
  • We also request members to come forward and nominate himself/herself to compere the program for a particular evening (Emcee)

Duration of Program 

Duration of each performance along with sound checking, narration and introduction is as given below. This should be followed strictly:

  • Solo Songs : Max Time 15 Mins  – Maximum 03 songs
  • Group or band Songs : Max Time 20 Mins
  • Solo Dance : Max Time 8 Mins
  • Group Dance : Max Time 20 Mins
  • Dance Drama : Max Time 30 Mins
  • One Act Drama : Max Time 30 Mins
  • Any other group performance : Max Time 20 Mins
  • Solo Instrumental play : Max 10 mins

Rules to be followed 

  1. All performances should be ready for the first cut review 14 days prior to the program date along with complete narration and introduction script
  2. It is completely up to the cultural committee’s discretion to take decision regarding acceptance of each in-house performance.
  3. We have limited hours for each type of in-house programs. So it is on a ‘first- come-first-served’ basis. We may not accept program request in case slots for that type of program is full
  4. A designated Committee will schedule the daily program to ensure variety of performances. Committee will not accept any request to choose the time schedule as per participants’ own choice. Participants who wish to participate in some other organization’s program during Durga Puja are requested to abstain from participating BPG’s in-house Cultural Program during Durga Puja
  5. After the Cut-off date no request for Participation will be entertained
  6. The maximum no. of programs a performer can participate is two (2)
  7. For group performances, it is mandatory to send the names of participants who will be performing. Without that, the request will not be accepted.
  8. Considering the Risk factors and the quantum of crowd gathered, we decided not to include participants aged below five years.
  9. Members requesting to compere in our cultural program (Emcee) should be fluent in Bengali as we would like to conduct the event only in Bengali. Depending upon the number of entries, the committee will decide the duration and day to compere the cultural evening program.
  10. Committee reserves the right of selection/non-selection of any program depending on the type OR standard of the program during screening
  11. Due to any technical issues like fault in Lighting System or sound system or any other unseen/unknown reasons, committee may reschedule/cut short/Cancel any program in a short notice
  12. Basic Sound System & Basic Lighting will be provided, any special requirements to be arranged by the participants by himself/herself/themselves
  13. All participants need to be present at the venue at least thirty minutes before their schedule of performance otherwise next participants will get the preference and late arrived performers will be given chance at the end of the entire schedule in case time is available
  14. All participants should be Bangiya Parishad Gurgaon’s member & family member
  15. The participants are expected to have basic training / skill set in their respective areas of performance. The standard of the program shall be of prime consideration
  16. At a time, maximum 10 participants will be allowed on stage for any group performance that requires frequent movement of the participants on the stage viz. group dance, drama, martial art, yoga etc.  This is decided considering high risk & safety factor involved due to design limitation of the stage
  17. Programs requiring tracks to be played OR any audio/visual content to be displayed in the projector, it is the sole responsibility of the participant/s or their designated representative/s to operate the same during his/her/their performances. It is encouraged to check the proper functioning of the input device/s before the start of the event.
  18. During the performance, participant’s parent/relatives/friends should refrain themselves from causing any inconvenience to the audience by standing in front of the stage for photography/videography.

Please register your programs with detail of contents by 21st August`22 through mail to communication@bangiyaparishad.org

This year, we will be holding a special event on the day of Sasthi right after Debi’s Bodhon. The approximate duration of this event will be 30 minutes. The participation in this event will be solely on invitation basis and will be considered separately from the main cultural events mentioned above.

For any other queries, please contact Subhajit Das @ 9560433700


Cultural Committee -2022

Bangiya Parishad, Gurgaon