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Rabindra-Nazrul-Dwijendra Sandhya celebration

Dear Members,

The much awaited Rabindra-Nazrul-Dwijendra Sandhya celebration has been planned on 21st May,2022  (Saturday) from 7:00 PM. onwards

In keeping with our tradition of upholding and nurturing Cultural and Artistic Talent, we look forward to active on-stage participation of all our esteemed members and their families, including children. Almost after two and half years we are going to organise an active stage performance by our members & their families so expecting active participations from our members.

A broad guideline detailing the conduct of the Event is given below :

Theme : All programs are to be based on the works of Rabindranath Tagore, Kazi Nazrul Islam and Dwijendra Lal Roy. 

Categories and time limit for each performance (inclusive of narration stage arrangement and

introduction) are given below :
Solo song….. max 5 mins.
Group song…..max 10 mins.
Solo dance….. max 5 mins.
Group dance…..max 10 mins.
Shruti natak/Natok…..max 20 mins.
Recitation….. max 3 mins.
Solo instrumental…..max 5 mins.

Kindly note:
1. All participants have to strictly adhere to the aforementioned time limits .
2. Due to limitation of time for our in-house program, selection of programs will be done by the Organising Committee after a proper review and evaluation ,based upon certain parameters .
3. Participants will have to mail details of their performance i.e, name and age of participants, song/script/content ,and duration

to communication@bangiyaparishad. org on or before 6th May’22

  1. No other mode of communication regarding entries will be entertained. Only those entries sent to the above email ID will be considered .
  2. Participants may participate in one program only , in any form .
  3. The organisers reserve the right to accept or reject any participation request. 
  4. Since there is a time limit to the duration of the entire program , consideration of participants will be on first come first basis & Rule No. 2
  5. Since time is at a premium, only those participants who can report to the venue by 6:30 PM. need apply .
  1. The scheduling of the program will be at the discretion of the organisers and no requests for rescheduling will be entertained .
  2. Standard lighting and basic sound systems will be available for performance. Any special light or sound requirement would have to be arranged by the participants separately.
  3. Venue will be any reputed Air-conditioned Auditorium in Gurgaon which will be intimated in next mail. 
  4. Light snacks will be Arranged for all Participants and Packed Dinner will be served tor all including the Audience.

You are requested  to contact the following members for any queries and clarifications.

Mrs. Shimanti Banerjee  @ 9899930766 

Mr. Sanjoy Pyne  @ 9911409040 

Thanks & Regards

Malay Nandy